Naruto Uzumaki & Gamakichi

Submitted by on Jun 10, 2013

Leaf | Genin | Male | Ninja Toad | Platoon
Valid: Any ‘Ninja Toad’ Ninja(s) in your hand gets -3 Entrance cost.
Valid: Every in-play ‘Ninja Toad’ Ninja except this Ninja gets +1/+1.

‘Gimme a break! I’m not old enough to make any kind of a deal yet!’ ‘Aw, come on, Pops, don’t be like that, why don’t ‘cha just settle down and hear the kid out?’

Card Number: TCN-US079
Rarity: Common
Card Type: Ninja
Symbol: Lightning / Wind
Combat Attribute: Ninjutsu/Oil
Hand Cost: 0
Entrance Cost: 1
Healthy Stats: 2/0
Injured Stats: 4/0

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