Guitar Hero: Metallica

Submitted by on Sep 1, 2013

Edición PAL española del videojuego Guitar Hero: Metallica para la consola Playstation 2.

Lista de canciones:

‘All Nightmare Long’ – Metallica
‘Battery’ – Metallica
‘Creeping Death’ – Metallica
‘Disposable Heroes’ – Metallica
‘Dyers Eve’ – Metallica
‘Enter Sandman’ – Metallica
‘Fade to Black’ – Metallica
‘Fight Fire With Fire’ – Metallica
‘For whom the bell tolls’ – Metallica
‘Frantic’ – Metallica
‘Fuel’ – Metallica
‘Hit the Lights’ – Metallica
‘King Nothing’ – Metallica
‘Master of Puppets’ – Metallica
‘Mercyful Fate’ – Metallica
‘No Leaf Clover’ – Metallica
‘Nothing Else Matters’ – Metallica
‘One’ – Metallica
‘Orion’ – Metallica
‘Sad But True’ – Metallica
‘Seek and Destroy’ – Metallica
‘The Memory Remains’ – Metallica
‘The Shortest Straw’ – Metallica
‘The Thing That Should Not Be’ – Metallica
‘The Unforgiven’ – Metallica
‘Welcome Home (Sanitarium)’ – Metallica
‘Wherever I May Roam’ – Metallica
‘Whiplash’ – Metallica
‘No Excuses’ – Alice In Chains
‘Turn The Page (Directo)’ – Bob Seger
‘Albatross’ – Corrosion of Conformity
‘Am I Evil?’ – Diamond Head
‘Stacked Actors’ – Foo Fighters
‘Hell Bent For Leather’ – Judas Priest
‘Demon Cleaner’ – Kyuss
‘Tuesdays Gone’ – Lynyrd Skynyrd
‘Beautiful Mourning’ – Machine Head
‘Blood And Thunder’ – Mastodon
‘Evil’ – Mercyful Fate
‘Armed and Ready’ – Michael Schenker Group
‘Ace of Spades’ – Motörhead
‘Stone Cold Crazy’ – Queen
‘Mother of Mercy’ – Samhain
‘War Ensemble’ – Slayer
‘Mommy’s Little Monster’ – Social Distortion
‘War Inside My Head’ – Suicidal Tendencies
‘Toxicity’ – System of a Down
‘Black River’ – The Sword

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