Computer Arts #180 october 2010 Sex & Design

Submitted by on Nov 16, 2010

Whatever your opinion of it, sexual imagery within design is rife, and will almost certainly always be a part of the industry. So, this month we investigate, through a series of features, what is so alluring about erotically-charged design.

Firstly our huge cover feature looks at some of the best practitioners using sexual imagery in their artwork. Whether the motion graphics of Matt Lambert, the suggestive illustration of cover artist Jasper Goodall or the slick advertising work of Vasava, sex is everywhere in this industry.

But does it still sell? That?s the question that new deputy editor Amy Hughes asked a panel of diverse creatives in our Round Table. You may be able to guess the ultimate conclusion, but the fascinating discussion is well worth a read.

Jason Arber twists the theme in his regular opinion column, looking at the role of women in design. Elsewhere this issue, we visit Australia and find a wealth of creative talent and pay a visit to London studios Why Not Associates and Mind Design.

Tutorials come from the sublime Tom Bagshaw, the ever-excellent João Oliveira, the Computer Arts newbie Andrew Groves and many other top designers and illustrators.

Next issue, on sale 21 October in the UK, we?re bringing you a typography special. Look out for it.


Rob Carney Editor



All stitched up
The designers taking handmade to the next level

Alexis Marcou
Adding intrigue and effects to pencil sketches

Studio of the Month
Inside Digital Eskimo?s igloo

In Depth

Sex & Design
Playful, funny and shocking work from the industry?s most seductive designers

Why Not Associates
The iconic London-based design firm talks type

Mind Design
Why this top design studio hates PDF ping-pong

Country focus: Australia
We go down under and meet the hottest Aussie talent

Does sex still sell?
Is the pull of sexual imagery as strong as it ever was?


Texture work gets graphic
Tom Bagshaw combines graphic flashes with stunning textures

Mix papercuts and graphic design
Dive into MrYen?s handmade masterclass

3D type with Repoussé
João Oliveira reveals Photoshop CS5?s top new tools

Inspiration Workshop
blindSALIDA?s conceptual personal work

Master mash-up pattern fills
Andrew Grove?s painterly Illustrator techniques

Brief Encounter
DixonBaxi?s killer new ident deconstructed

Surreal scenes through blends
Tim Green smartly combines found imagery

Need to Know

Digital publishing for the iPad
A sneak peek at Adobe?s new interactive tools

Production notes
Get high-quality print on a limited budget

Scanning the future
Do studios still need an in-house scanner?

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